Tate Deluccia

Architect Intern

  • Simpsonville, South Carolina
  • Architecture

knew for a long time I wanted to do something in the arts. My favorite medium was sculpture,
and architecture is essentially inhabited sculpture. I also liked the different opportunities the
major gave me to improve my leadership and problem-solving skills. I chose this internship
because my friend Taylor Fancera recommended me. She told me that most of the work was
done with 3D printers, which I enjoy working with. Outside of school, I am in the Clemson
Quadcopter Club where we build, race and fly drones. I like to go to football games and soccer
matches as well as any other random sport that offers free T-shirts.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To manage my time between two separate schedules.
  2. To operate a new brand of 3D printer (MakerBot).
  3. To create products that are manufactured on 3D printers.