Rezvan Khorsandi

Design Intern

  • Tehran, Iran
  • Graphic Communications

I grew up in Tehran, Iran. When I was in elementary school, I was interested in painting and designing. I drew shapes in the corner of my notebook before I would do my homework, and I still keep them as mementos. During school, I did well in mathematics. In our culture, parents generally believe children who do well in mathematics will be more successful if they get degrees in the field and become engineers. I inevitably got a degree in mathematics in high school. Although I studied mathematics in high school, my hobby was visiting galleries and art museums. I remember my mother gave me money for a private mathematics class, but I secretly signed up for a Photoshop class. My acquaintance had a worldwide graphics computer and led me to pursue an art major after graduating from high school. I graduated from Shahid Rajaee University of Tehran with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Although I have about a decade of experience in design, and the graphic design field in my country is full of talent, I decided to continue my education at a professional university. I applied to Clemson University, and I am now a graduate assistant in the graphic communications department. I believe graphic design was born out of art and industry. Aside from studying at Clemson, interning for Campus Banner + Design allows me to combine my art and academic knowledge with practical skills.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To improve my design skills and technical expertise by working with real clients in the industry.
  2. To gain experience in working on creative projects.
  3. To create friendships with other people in my field of interest and learn more photography, marketing, customer relations, production processes, teamwork and design skills.