Rebecca Henderson

Marketing Intern

  • Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
  • Marketing

Built on a foundation of motivation, passion and creativity, my personality has always been driven to push beyond boundaries. I felt marketing would give me the opportunity to use my creative and strategic skills all at once. With a strong passion for the music industry, I would love to apply these skills to artist promotion or brand partnerships. Marketing is constantly changing due to new technological advancements and new ideas, which is what keeps it so exciting and interesting. I love having something new to work on every day, and I feel marketing gives me that opportunity. I chose to intern with Campus Banner + Design because this student-lead agency offers a unique experience where students can apply classroom skills to real-world scenarios. I have seen how successful CB+D has become in developing creative designs and communication needs for clients, whether that is on campus or off. This opportunity at CB+D will allow me to assist in developing and executing marketing efforts for the business and will equip me with the skills necessary for after college. Outside of school I enjoy taking opportunities that free up my mind from everyday stress. This includes going on runs and taking hikes, attending dance classes and cooking. I recently started running during quarantine after my friend had convinced me to begin training for a half marathon. My endurance has increased tremendously, which is something I am very proud of. I also enjoy participating in dance classes through Clemson Dancers, a dance organization on campus. Another hobby I picked up during quarantine was cooking. Since I had a lot of time on my hands, I was able to learn new recipes and try new foods.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To familiarize myself with data analysis and be able to utilize findings efficiently and effectively for CB+D.
2. To use techniques and topics learned from the classroom to develop and execute strategic marketing efforts for CB+D.
3. To collaborate and build relationships with fellow colleges to build a stronger network.