Nazifa Islam

Administrative Assistant

  • Tulsa, O.K.
  • Marketing

I chose marketing as my major after switching several times. I have many interests, but it was hard for me to pinpoint what I was most interested in. The end goal is to attend law school, so I wanted to pick a major that made me stand out and provided me experiences interacting with people in a professional setting. Growing up, I was considered the persuasive friend who liked to voice her opinion and get others out of their comfort zone. This meant that I loved to share new ideas with a wide-range of people. Marketing is a perfect fit because it allows me to continue doing what I have always been comfortable doing. I chose this internship because it let me continue growing my communication skills. Campus Banner + Design being located in Clemson is very convenient, allowing me to interact with local people and know what is going on around me. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing and playing tennis.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To learn more about the production side of graphic communications.
  2. To interact with more people and make new connections.
  3. To have more knowledge on the use of various software systems.