Nathan Smith

Print Production Manager

  • Gastonia, N.C.
  • Visual Arts

I was born and raised in Gastonia, N.C. I spent my childhood as a weird, creative kid with a wild imagination. If I wasn’t building and making things, I was taking them apart. I moved to Shelby, N.C. at age 18 and received an auto body degree from the community college there. My interest in how things work led me to begin studying mechanical engineering at Clemson. I quickly learned that engineering was not what I expected, and I found my way into the visual arts program. An internship with the campus art gallery landed me in Creative Services, the design firm for the University. They introduced me to Campus Banner + Design, and here I am.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To analyze customer relations.
2. To optimize production processes.
3. To facilitate efficient teamwork.