Mia Jones

Business Administration Intern

  • Homer Glen, Illinois
  • Financial Management

I decided to major in financial management because I feel my professional skills and abilities are well-suited to the professions within the financial management sector. I am a very extroverted person who loves to meet new people and work collaboratively in teams, which I have found to be very beneficial traits within my major. I also have found the work to be extremely interesting and have loved my coursework throughout my time at Clemson. I am excited for the many opportunities the finance world will provide me with during my career. I chose this internship because it is a great opportunity to not only test the knowledge and skills I gained through my coursework but also to obtain more experience in an environment that incorporates all different types of business management as opposed to exclusively finance. I am looking forward to working closely with the marketing and design interns and learning more about the operations of a business that I have not been as exposed to within my major. My favorite activities outside of school include reading, hiking, traveling, going to concerts, participating in many intramural sports and relaxing with my friends.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To gain experience in a design and marketing-based environment
  2. To contribute to as many projects as I am able to — even if they fall outside my explicit duties as a business administrative intern
  3. To develop new professional relationships with my coworkers and expand my network within the Clemson community