Mary Trotter

Design Intern

  • Powdersville, South Carolina
  • Graphic Communications

I decided on graphic communications because I had taken a graphic communications class in
high school at the career center. It sparked an interest in me and I have enjoyed learning more
about the industry. I chose this internship because I think I will be able to learn some very
practical communication skills working with clients. I also chose it because it will give me a lot
more experience with design. Outside of school, I am involved in the Tiger Band, and I really
enjoy being able to travel with the team and have some really great experiences. Aside from
that, I really enjoy hanging out with friends and watching movies.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To be able to design more and learn how to communicate and design for clients.
2. To gain more experience in the workplace.
3. To be able to produce more of the products that I design.