Kristen George

Design Intern

  • Jackson, New Jersey
  • Graphic Communications

I have always loved working creatively and expressed this through art. When I came to
Clemson, I was a packaging science major. I quickly learned this was not a field that interested
me and switched to graphic communications because it was a perfect combination of art,
business and packaging. Working at Campus Banner has been one of the best experiences I
have had at Clemson thus far. I was searching for a part-time opportunity to work in a real
workplace by doing design for real clients. As an intern here, I have had the opportunity to grow
my design skills as well as numerous other professional skills that will be crucial after
graduation. When I am not here or in class, I enjoy drawing and doing graphic design work.
Typography and calligraphy are also a big interests of mine, so I like to work on my iPad to
create graphics that include unique elements of text.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To continue to grow my relationship with my clients and build a level of trust and
transparency to better and more efficiently complete projects.
2. To learn more technical skills in the various Creative Cloud programs, as I have
traditionally worked almost exclusively in Adobe Illustrator.
3. To leave a positive impact on this office and all of campus. It is such an honor to be able
to contribute to the Clemson brand and work with the various departments and
organizations on campus to paint Clemson in the best possible light.