Kristen George

Design Intern

  • Jackson, New Jersey
  • Graphic Communications

I originally started off as a packaging science major before I soon discovered science was not a field that would make me excited to go to work every day. I decided to look into a more creative major while keeping the packaging science as a minor. Graphic communications was a natural progression from packaging with my end goal being a position as a packaging designer. The opportunity to learn about print, design and the business of graphics was exciting to me. I chose this internship because I have always been interested in a design role that will allow me to express my creativity and design skills. This internship is a great chance for me to gain experience in a design role while contributing to the university. The idea of doing what I love in a collaborative setting made me excited to pursue an internship with Campus Banner + Design. Outside of school, I enjoy painting and drawing. I have always been interested in art and like to practice whenever I have free time to express myself and let out any stress.

I have three goals while working for Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To gain more knowledge about design.
  2. To gain experience in a workplace.
  3. To contribute quality work to Campus Banner + Design and Clemson University.