Judith Rios

Design Intern

  • Simpsonville, South Carolina
  • Marketing

I originally came to Clemson as a nutrition major. I wasn’t enjoying the material I was learning
very much, and my roommate was in business. I loved talking to her about everything that she
was learning in class. I did some research and decided marketing would be the best fit for me.
My favorite subjects in high school were math, art and psychology, and this major incorporates
all three of these things! I don’t have the opportunity to practice design skills in my classes, but I
badly wanted to practice those skills in a real-world setting. I mentioned this to my mentor at my
last internship and she recommended Campus Banner + Design to me. Outside of schools, I
like to craft, dance and hang with friends.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To become more efficient with Adobe software by learning shortcuts.
  2. To improve on customer service skills by communicating clearly with clients and asking
    questions to make sure I adhere to their needs.
  3. To learn more about print production so my designs translate well once printed.