Judith Rios

Design Intern

  • Simpsonville, South Carolina
  • Marketing

I originally started out as a nutrition major, but soon realized I wasn’t happy with it. I missed learning about other subjects that weren’t just science. My roommate at the time was a business major and seemed to really enjoy it, so I decided to switch. In my pre-business class, I got my first glimpse of marketing and fell in love with it. It was perfect because it allows me to be both creative and analytical. I chose this internship because I wanted to get a hands-on experience with the production side of branding and advertising while being able to work alongside of other creative minds. Outside of school, I love to watch Netflix, dance, craft and hang out with friends.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To increase my InDesign capabilities.
  2. To work on improving my communication skills.
  3. To increase my knowledge in print and production.