Jordyn Parker

Design Intern

  • Bluffton, South Carolina
  • Graphic Communications

I picked my major because I wanted to be able to have fun and enjoy my career. Art and
illustrations are things I always enjoyed, so choosing graphic communications seemed right for
me. Also, when choosing this major I saw all of the ways I could utilize this degree after
graduating. I chose this internship for the experience and the convenience of being on campus.
This seemed like a great opportunity for me and I saw how much I could get out of it. Outside of
school, I like to be with my friends and family and do calligraphy.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To grow and expand my graphics knowledge as much as I possibly can.
  2. To get various real-life experiences that will help me later on in life.
  3. To become a stronger designer and improve my skills in all programs.