Jenna Litchfield

Design Intern

  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Graphic Communications

I chose to intern with CB+D because the opportunity to intern on campus was appealing and something I should not turn down. I have already worked for the university as an Academic Athletic Tutor, so adding another university job to my resume seemed extremely beneficial. I have also had a handful of friends who have worked with Campus Banner + Design, all of whom said it was a great experience, and they enjoyed working with this team. Outside of school I enjoy exercising regularly, spending time by the water and surrounding myself with friends. I also enjoy reading or painting before bed.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To improve my design skills through the feedback of my supervisors and clients.
2. To develop communication skills between the client and the designer.
3. To become familiar with different types of software that will be beneficial in the future.