Jen Chappell

Social Media Intern

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Marketing/Sports Communications

I changed my major a few times (if you call seven or eight a few times), before deciding on marketing/sports communications. I settled on this major because I realized how much I loved creating graphics and marketing them to people through other opportunities I had at Clemson. Sports marketing and social media marketing is what I want to go into after college, so these two majors are the perfect combination for me. The way that social media is impacting our world is so interesting to me. By having followers, companies now have the power to influence their consumers at their fingertips. I chose this internship because I have seen the power of social media firsthand and wanted to be on the other side of the screen, creating and developing social media posts for Student Affairs Publications. When I am not in school, I spend a lot of my time practicing my graphics skills on Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I also spend even more time watching “New Girl” with my friends and going to Moe’s or Chick-fil-A more times a week than I should say.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

  1. To learn more about the ins and outs of running social media for an organization.
  2. To learn more about social media analytics and how to analyze them.
  3. To learn more about Student Affairs as a whole and how much it contributes to Clemson.