Harrison Latham

Design Intern

  • Lancaster, South Carolina
  • Graphic Communications

Before I decided on my major, I knew I wanted to come to Clemson and I enjoyed graphic design. Clemson doesn’t offer a graphic design major, so I came and toured their graphic communications building and instantly wanted to be a part of it and pursue that as my major. I chose this internship because I heard about Campus Banner + Design at the graphic communications intern employer day, and it sounded exactly like what drew me to GC — designing graphics and logos for clients. Outside of school, I love soccer and music, playing video games, and watching a lot of sports and movies.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1.  To gain better knowledge on brand guidelines.
2.  To improve my design skills and designing for clients.
3.  To get real job experience in design for future occupations.