Christine Humowitz

Writing Intern

  • Georgetown, South Carolina
  • Political Science and English

I chose political science because I have always been interested in current events and American
government, and I wanted to learn more about America’s position and role in the world at large.
I landed on English as a second major because I have always had a passion for writing and
editing. I love telling stories through writing and using literature as a lens to look at the world
around me. I chose this internship because, as nerdy as it sounds, I really love grammar. It’s so
much fun to edit content, and I love seeing the finished product after I give edits on something.
Outside of school, I’m the co-captain of Tiger Strut Dance Company, a teacher for Clemson
Dancers and a member of the University Dance Company, so you can usually find me in the
studio at the Brooks Center.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To become more confident in my editing skills.
2. To use my knowledge to create content that is both engaging and effective.
3. To build connections and gain experience in the industry that will help me in my future