Ava Bruns

Social Media Intern

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Communications

I ended up choosing to major in communications because I was always told if you pursue a career you are passionate about then you will never “work” a day in your life. At first, I didn’t fully understand what that career looked like; however, I knew it needed to be relational and creative. Taking public speaking and working with the Social Media Listening Center under Amanda Moore fueled my desire to better understand, relate and communicate with people through this major. I decided to intern with SAPubs in order to broaden my skillset, meet other creative professionals and learn from real-world experience. I am interested in a career in advertising, and I believe in order to better understand consumer behavior to effectively market, one must understand individual consumers in a variety of areas. Social media is extremely telling of the consumer’s lifestyle, interests, views and personalities. Outside of school, I enjoy being around friends, making Spotify playlists, stand-up paddleboarding, water skiing, collaging and watercoloring.

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To enhance my portfolio.
2. To learn how to professionally manage an organization’s social media.
3. To collaborate with interns and professionals in a variety of fields.