Abigail Timms

Design Intern

  • Monroe, Georgia
  • Graphic Design

I have always loved art and knew I wanted to pursue it professionally, but I also needed to be able to support myself financially after graduation. That was when I discovered graphic design would allow me to pursue my love of art and help me find a job. I was looking for an internship with a professional and educational environment filled with friendly people, and I found all of this at Campus Banner + Design! Outside of school I enjoy practicing different mediums of art such as drawing and painting, but I also love sewing and embroidery. Recently I have been experimenting with making my own paper!

I have three goals while working at Campus Banner + Design:

1. To learn as much as possible from my coworkers with more experience.
2. To learn how to balance working more typical full-time hours to prepare myself for my future career.
3. To push myself further in my design skills and abilities and stretch outside of my comfort zone!