Campus Banner + Design is a student-run creative agency that implements production and communications solutions for the Clemson area. Located on campus at Clemson University, Campus Banner + Design serves the communications needs, including design, printing and mounting services, for clients with creativity and efficiency. Our goal is for our interns to learn as much as they can while they are here and equip them with the skills they need for their first post-college job opportunities.


If you have questions about our internships or would like to apply, email us at

Graphic Design

Graphic design interns will assist in graphic design, communications and production of various projects and services. This includes being responsible for print and digital design, production and customer service, and working closely with other interns (design, writing, web, social media, photography, etc.), Campus Banner + Design’s full-time staff (customer service and creative managers) and the Student Affairs Publications department. Design interns will need to be have time management, teamwork, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Experience with Adobe® products and a familiarity with Photoshop® or other photo manipulation software is preferred.


The web intern will assist with managing the online presence of Student Affairs Publications, Campus Banner + Design and other IT solutions as needed. They will be responsible for setting up a new server and maintaining Campus Banner + Design’s Python Django-based job tracking system. Their specific tasks will be maintaining this system, researching and adding new features and functions, and migrating the system from one in-house server machine to another. Other tasks for the web intern will also be assigned. We are looking for an intern that is self-motivated, well organized and able to work with limited supervision. They must also have experience with operating systems (Windows®, OS X®, Linux®) and with HTML/CSS. They must be familiar with using a scripting language (PHP or Python) and relational bases (MySQL or similar). Web interns are also required to be a computer science or digital productions art major or enrolled in a similar program at Clemson University.

Production Manager Assistant

The production manager assistant will be expected to help with quotes, answer emails, make deliveries and submit web invoices. They will also be responsible for getting quotes from and scheduling installers for Campus Banner + Design. They will be responsible for obtaining everyone’s weekly journals and sending out the team meeting emails and cross training emails. They will also be responsible for making sure all the computers in the office have the necessary programs and updates.


The marketing intern will assist with research and development of a strategic marketing plan for Campus Banner + Design. They must be able to follow the Campus Banner + Design Marketing Plan for implementing new campaigns, contacting about upcoming events, planning ahead for bringing in new business and staying on target. The marketing intern is responsible for updating the Campus Banner + Design website with new content and monitoring the site’s performance. They will also monitor the performance of the Campus Banner + Design search engines and will work to implement additional SEO strategies. They will also run statistical analysis of data related to the current and past marketing customer referrals and manage a customer information database and email list. Other tasks will also be assigned to the intern as needed. Marketing interns are required to be enrolled in the marketing degree program or other related field at Clemson University. This intern should have a background in marketing, excellent written and oral communication skills and excellent computer skills (MS Office, FileMaker Pro knowledge preferred). They should also be self-motivated, well organized and should have the ability to work with limited supervision.


This is a dual role for both Student Affairs and Publications and Campus Banner + Design. The intern will assist with writing and editing (using the Associate Press [AP] Stylebook and in-house guidelines) of division-level communication pieces as well as some writing and editing of jobs for Campus Banner + Design as needed. Writing interns may be asked to write/edit vice president-level speeches and content-heavy pieces like annual reports or newsletters, scripts (for phone-a- thons or voicemails), letters to students, donors and staff, web copy, surveys, grants, return on investment summaries and similar assignments. They will also be responsible for social media planning and implementation. Interns in this position will benefit from meeting with clients and other Clemson staff, interviewing clients and planning communication pieces. In this position, interns will gain an understanding of professional etiquette and AP style as well as portfolio-building pieces. These interns should have excellent written and oral communication skills, a strong interest in social media and firm attention to detail. Some knowledge of AP style and Student Affairs is preferred. Interns should be self-motivated and well organized.


This internship is a dual role for both Student Affairs Publications and Campus Banner + Design. Student Affairs Publications produces both print and online publications for the Division of Student Affairs. The photography intern will be responsible for ensuring the consistency of the message and presentation throughout materials produced by Student Affairs Publications. They will also meet the need for communication and print services for Campus Banner + Design. This internship will provide learning opportunities for students within graphic design, communication, marketing and other business and design related fields. The photography intern will assist with photographing various Student Affairs events throughout the semester for use in division-level communication pieces, archiving, keywording and rating photos on the Student Affairs Publications photo archive as well as various photography jobs for Campus Banner + Design as needed. Scheduling will be flexible and work around the intern’s class schedule as necessary. Enrollment in communications or graphic communications programs at Clemson University are preferred, but all majors are welcome to apply.


The architect interns will assist with maintenance of the Clemson University campus map and renderings of campus projects/buildings. Assist with the maintenance of Clemson University’s campus map and creation and management of campus facility renovations and buildings. Specific Tasks: Use Rhino®, CAD®, Illustrator® and other applicable software to maintain campus map, creating facility renderings, meet with committee and team members on major projects and renovations, create illustrations for use in printed material and 3-D rendering software. Experience with Adobe® products and a familiarity with Photoshop® or other photo manipulation software is preferred.