International Festival 2017 Banners

The International Festival promotes the celebration of cultures from around the world and is held annually at Clemson. From the bright color of silk scarves to the tents and flags of the international market and the festive atmosphere of the carnival and the Arabian market, Bowman field comes alive with a broad range of cultural heritage. This was the inspiration behind the design campaign by Campus Banner + Design for the 2017 Clemson International Festival.

This year, the Festival asked us to design and print different types of products to use as advertisement for the event. Interns at Campus Banner + Design produced A-frame signs, event flyers and handbills, logia banners, event banners, menu boards, directional signage, t-shirts and TV ads broadcasted on campus. For this project, our designers were given the necessary logos not only for the event itself, but also for the sponsors of the event. From there, we were tasked with unifying the products’ designs in a way that was visually appealing and also communicated the target message the Festival envisioned.

Campus Banner + Design worked with the client throughout the design process in order to collaborate effectively on specific layout ideas for different signage and banners. Once the design process was done, we used one of our two in-house printers to create the banners and signs on double-sided, matte-scrim vinyl or matte vinyl. Once printed, our interns proceeded to hem the tops and bottoms, grommet the banners and mount all other signage.

Sponsor Banners